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    We don’t actually want our faces in the photo! Just make sure her butt is in there!

    huge hand

    Huge Hand

    Whoa lady, those are some large hands you’ve got there!

    green dress

    Green Dress

    We’re really not sure what the Fauxtog was going for with this one…

    christmas frowns

    Christmas Frowns

    All they wanted for Christmas was a decent photographer… No wonder they looks so sad!

    spider man

    You’re Not Spiderman

    Are you guys trying to escape your Fauxtog? Because you actually can just fire them!

    big egg

    Happy Easter

    We hope for her sake that she did not just lay that thing…

    hay snow

    Hay Snow

    Aren’t they cold sitting there in all that fake snow!?

    plastic mommy

    Plastic Mommy

    Dude! Your mom looks like she could be your sister! And that she’s probably made out of plastic!


    Myself Best Friend

    When you can’t find anyone else to be in a photo with you, just Photoshop yourself in there again!