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  • Your Photos Suck! Learn Trick Photography & Special Effects. Get Creative Here

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    brown cake

    Brown Cake Bad Choice

    We really don’t care how much you like chocolate cake, stop using it in messy cake smash sessions with your toddlers! It’s nauseating!


    Cavewoman Boudoir

    Woman seeking strong man with cave of his own.

    All The Bad In One Place

    Every Bad Image In One

    What we think they’re trying to say with this image is the following : She likes the taste of music. Her cat is her guardian angel/fairy godmother. She…

    baby on board

    Baby on the Roof

    Oh dear, left the newborn on the roof again!

    sleeping tiger

    Don’t Trick or Treat Here

    You definitely don’t want to let your kids stop by her place on Halloween…


    Car Face

    We’re not even sure what to say about this one…

    lost genie

    Spooky Gypsy Woods

    Ooo look, a floating gypsy ghost in a foggy forest!


    Facial Vortex

    Another great example of just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD!


    Intern Wanted

    50 years of combined experience, and you post THAT photo in your recruitment ad!?