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    not so merry xmas

    Not So Merry Christmas

    She sure looks like she’s enjoying herself…

    so this is xmas

    So This is Christmas

    And what have you done!?

    full moon

    Full Moon

    Very nicely edited! We really enjoy how it looks as if his arm has been torn right off! How romantic!


    Mad Baby

    No one messes with that baby!

    pink stars

    Pink Stars

    Is this supposed to be sexy? Or did she just get tangled up in a curtain?

    dirty rope

    Dirty Rope

    We’re not really sure what’s going on here. Why is she so dirty? Is she planning to jump!? Don’t do it! You’ll probably feel better if you just…


    Blurry Christmas Baby

    Unless the Fauxtog is in fact blind, we’re not sure why this image was both posted and watermarked!

    santas sack

    Santa’s Sack

    Look what Santa’s bringing you for Christmas this year! I wonder what else he has in that sack?


    Wedding Reflection

      One head, two bodies, just the look every bride wants!