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I’m New to This

I just got a DSLR. Actually, I just have a point and shoot, but I saw some of my friend’s open up photography shops, and I really always liked takin’ pictures, so here I am! Puke.

Pixie Dust

We could have cross posted this on You Are Not a Graphic Designer. It’s like Tinkerbell snorted pixie dust and went crazy.

She Makes Less Than Minimum Wage

This my friends proves that you indeed do get what you pay for. If you can’t read the weird font, that’s $300 per a wedding with a second shooter.

Five O’clock Shadow

I cannot get over those shadows. Wow.

One Sad Puppy

Your pets will….

{Look like they’re straight out of the ASPCA commercials}

{Be miserable after you have to yell and tug at him to sit on some cheesy white back drop}

{Look cute, but his cuteness will totally be put off by some ugly magazine}

{Eat random shit and get sick later}