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An Unfortunate Pentax Ad

What were they thinking?

Follow the link for the ad.



I’m sorta thinking this is genius. The fauxtog happens upon this girl with a unicorn, and obviously since it’s a unicorn, she takes a quick snap shot and shares it on her Facebook. Surely, no photographer would post this as “real” work.

Do you need a vediorgrapher?

So if I knew what the hell a vediographer did, I might be interested. All I can think of is velociraptor. I really hope the two aren’t related. Oh, and the picture samples aren’t good. Damn, I Forgot to randomly Capitalize words that Shouldn’t be.

The Picnik Replacement…*Head Desk*

Last month, the editing site Picnik announced it was shutting down later this year, and fauxtogs across the world freaked out. How would the edit their pictures now? Well, today at YANAP, we ran across the Picnik replacement, PicMonkey. We even created something beautiful for you to illustrate the sites, err, features.

From Bad to Worse


Before: A lackluster snapshot. After: A total train wreck.