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    the worst photoshopper

    One To Be Printed!

    Yes, definitely one to be printed so that perhaps someone else can use scissors and glue to better accomplish what this fauxtog attempted with Photoshop!

    happy easter #2

    The Strangest Easter

    Yep, this one is weird. What is the child doing? That’s not how Easter eggs are made… Now this one make sense…

    baby basket

    Basket Full Of Baby

    Aw, who left this baby in an Easter basket out in the fog and snow?! Good thing those tiny fake bunnies showed up to care for him.

    now thats flattering

    Nice Photo Effect

    It’s nice how in this one the fauxtog made the subject almost unrecognizable with their crazy editing techniques. Nothing worse than a photo that actually captures and highlights…

    dump truck baby

    Dump Truck Baby

    That looks mighty uncomfortable…