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Booger Bunny

A concept that fauxtogs just can’t seem to grasp is that not everything you take is worth throwing a watermark on and showcasing in your portfolio… Now someone get the poor bunny a tissue!

Professional Picnik Editor

Quote : ” *Bleep* Photography can also take your existing photos and edit them for you. ”

Well praise Picnik, just what I’ve always wanted! Take my poor quality self pics and change them into something even worse…

Easter Bunny Barf

Fauxtog – “Oh don’t worry, because the Easter Bunny seems to have thrown up on this image, I’m giving you 10% off!”

The Goddess of Fauxtogs

Meet Fauxtodite, the Goddess of poor pixles, crappy cut outs and insane Photoshoped failures from throughout Olympia.


Hello Sailor

Oversaturated, wrinkled, poorly edited shipwreck.