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    Look Closely

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  • If  you look closely you’ll notice there’s actually a baby in this photo!

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    1. It’s Pedobear!

    2. Open Focus

      Broken Focus

      Ugh, the noise in this photo. There’s just too much going on.

    3. I was never good at Where’s Waldo and cannot find the baby here.

    4. Kristin

      I thought by the title that this was going to be one of those “when you see it..” pictures.
      I guess it almost was… since it took me a while to find the subject of the photo!

    5. Um… It’s an environmental potrait?

    6. This is a baby picture of Waldo. He is just missing his striped shirt and hat.

    7. If only they had removed the colour from the baby and made it grey, then it would look like a memorial to a dead baby.

    8. Aww, teatime!

    9. funkyphill

      Is it just me or did they use the blur tool on the background (badly masking it) and paste in that random picture hovering in the background?

    10. I’m sorry, where’s the baby?

    11. Melissa Burke

      looks like the picture in the picture is photoshopped!

      • NicCole

        IT IS! There’s no way that picture is hanging on that draped muslin. Wow. So not only did they focus a shot on entirely the wrong target, but they *brought in* the wrong target. This is all kinds of awful!

    12. TollToll

      But they spent $50+ on that pet bed! I mean… baby prop bed!

    13. Gal with a Camera

      Me: oh, that’s a nice picture of a bunch of junk.
      *scrolls down and reads the caption*
      Me: Baby, where? Ohhh I see it now!

    14. I am so sick of seeing babies propped on dog beds in photos. When did this trend start, i wish it would go away. Whats wrong with a natural baby photo?

      This is simply bad. FAIL!

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