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Little Zombie Girl

Fauxtography… Zombifying your children since the dawn of photo editing software…

  1. J says:

    I have seen worse editing.


  2. Aw. I bet a real photographer could have made that kid look really cute.


  3. Jaap says:

    Oh wow. What happened to her teeth? The whole picture is baaaaad but her teeth… Poor kid!


  4. Pelham says:

    Poor kid, that glassy gaze with what looks like really bad star-filter fx is bad enough, but those teeth…almost look like fake Halloween ones, but I’m afraid they’re real.:-(


  5. Notafaux says:

    And to think that someone (I hesitate to say photographer) looked at this and said…There-that looks good! Post!


  6. Artie Fufkin says:

    they gave her the fake superblue dolls eyes but didn’t whiten her teeth?

    BTW: I want to give bukakke to every fauxtog who does the f**ing dolls eye pops tp children. STOP IT !


  7. Gina says:

    Get that kid to a dentist!!!!!!!!!


  8. Gal with a Camera says:

    The teeth are what’s scaring me!


  9. flyguy says:

    She’s been to a dentist…hence the stainless steel crowns. She’s also around 7 years old meaning her permanent central incisors are in (with a large space), but her laterals have not erupted yet. It was literally called the ugly duckling stage in dental school; not making that up.


  10. Bob Bob says:

    That is one of the photo’s this little girl will pray her mother does not have put into her high school yearbook.

    Way to go person with a camera and Photoshop (you are so far down you don’t deserve to be called a fauxtog) you created a frankin-baby.


  11. Wsroadrunner says:



  12. Jim says:

    Granted, it takes more than owning a camera and photoshop to be a photographer, but posting rude comments about a child’s teeth on a schadenfreude website don’t make you a photographer either, it just makes you a bully. And a dick.


  13. Dusty says:

    Sméagol HATE fauxtographerses!


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