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    Little Flower Baby

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  • This is pretty creepy… It looks like the baby is wearing a red diaper and has some freaky leg thing going on!

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    1. Is that poor baby laying on top of the placenta? That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen — and that’s saying a lot seeing as how I am a fan of YANAP

    2. Oh come on, we don’t need to see where the baby comes from!

    3. MIchael D

      Horrible representation of real photographers

    4. OH MY GAWD!!!!!

    5. WTF? Why is that baby laying on a diseased vag? Yuck.

    6. monolith

      Thalidomide is a bastard.

    7. the title did not prepare me for this.

    8. I didn’t even notice the weird leg thing or red nappy… I was just too busy wondering why the editor of this photo did not notice what they were doing!

    9. I’m glad they put a copyright sticker on it, because I was real tempted to steal it!

    10. Reminds me of someone else I know

    11. TollToll

      What the efffffff is this!?

    12. They took a picture of a canvas and used it as a background didn’t they…..oh hell yeah they did…..

    13. looks like baby is stuck in huuuuge Vagina! -_-“

    14. novophotography

      Honestly…compared to the images I’ve seen posted here it’s not the worst image. Sure not something I would deliver to clients, but hey its something different.

    15. Some people have more talent with a camera, than they do with post-processing. Some people have more PhotoShop talent than actual camera talent. The person who took this “picture” has neither.

    16. There is no talent here, camera or PS-wise. This is a crock of shit.

    17. Drats! I wish it weren’t so hard to take that watermark out. I would love to have this in my living room. bwahahahahaa
      I mean I can’t even.

    18. Eek! What hath Anne Geddes wrought!!!

    19. What happens when you genetically engineer plants too much…

    20. I really wish fauxtogs would stop trying to copy Anne Geddes baby photos…

    21. Artie fufkin

      vagina flowers
      don’t always smell like a rose
      some stink like goat cheese

      fauxtog haiku

    22. Mathieu Perry

      Quick! More cowbell and some gausian blur, STAT!

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