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Let It Fake Snow

let it snow

The fauxtog should have at least put some fake sweaters on them if he/she was going to throw them into a fake blizzard!

  1. PGB says:

    Evenly distributed snowflakes…and magically none in front of their faces.


    • Jude says:

      That’s hardly “evenly” distributed in any sort of unnatural way. In fact, it’s snowing outside right now and looks like that.

      And there is one over the mother’s head, it’s just out of focus due to the attempt at faking some DoF.


  2. Jude says:

    That’s a blizzard? What world do you live in?


  3. DidYouEvenLookThroughTheViewFinder says:

    If you looked at the “before” photo and said to yourself “There really should be an ‘after,” you just might be a fauxtographer.


  4. WowReally says:

    wow really?!? take a good almost professional looking photo and make it look like crap nice job!


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