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Hula Hoop

This looks more like something someone snapped with their cellphone at a bar than something from a professional’s portfolio.

  1. Kelli says:

    WOW…I, uhh…wow…How is this good for someones portfolio? I’m wondering what kind of person thinks THIS is quality work for sharing?!?!?!


  2. Wsroadrunner says:

    And such a flattering pose too…


  3. mary says:

    this is someones portfolio?? oh my….


  4. You scared me. I shot some hula hoop photos by available dark last Friday night. I was afraid you’d seen them. While I like them, I do not always hold myself out as a professional photographer, but if people want to give me money, I take it. They are here:!/media/set/?set=a.3811382690237.2173008.1447611883&type=1


  5. Kat says:

    Gotta love a flash pointing straight ahead.
    If that were handed to me by a second shooter, we’d have to have a talk.


  6. Alanna says:

    Nothing like part of a person in the corner of the photo to really bring out that special something.


  7. Sarah says:

    The good news is, they only had to get a release signed by the lady way in the back.


  8. carolsworld says:

    Not to mention the lady in red who is picking at her behind…


  9. This is a candid, and a terrible one at that. I certainly would never hold this out as an example of my work.


  10. Gordon says:

    Must have been focusing on the tramp stamp but really wanted to get the background in so they could “establish a sense of place”


  11. Noreen says:

    I LOVE MOLLY!!! AHHH WE ARE SO HALF NAKED AND DANCING GUYS. OMG……… the pictures looks as retarded as going to a rave with a bunch of molly’d out 16 year old. I’ll give the photographer props for capturing the crappy atmosphere at the party. lmao!


  12. Wow.... says:

    It fascinates me that people can look at images like this and honestly think to themselves, “Wow, I did a good job.” It’s like the fauxtog just took out her P&S and snapped off a quickie. And like a quickie, this image left me unsatisfied and upset.


  13. Henny says:

    There’s so much wrong with this photo… *sighs*


  14. Cranky Catholic says:

    The person’s Facebook page shows he’s got a few handsome studio shots and a nice engagement photo. So what gives with these candid shots?


  15. Snappy says:

    It’s how the fauxtog really accentuated those back boobs with a hard direct strobe that really takes this one to the next level. I also love blown out random hands in the foreground. Now that’s glamourous!


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