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Huge Handed Hunny

A hand that size is meant for smacking people, and from her expression we’re guessing that’s just what she uses it for! Hopefully she slapped the Fauxtog for creating this disaster!

  1. Alanna says:

    Holy shit god damn that is awful.


  2. nine says:

    Maybe the fauxtog was ‘axed’ to do this shot.


  3. Dani says:

    what the hell does that mean?


  4. gary says:

    That’s a “roller derby elbow!”


  5. meggy says:

    How to make an attractive girl look bad. And that dreadful grren rash on her face; she really needs to see a doctor. You’d think that if they were going to make a feature of her hand they’d have done a manicure and put some nail varnish on first.


  6. TollToll says:

    This is obviously not processed at all. Bravo!


  7. bunniebray says:

    she looks like the abomination from the movie Igor.


  8. Myk says:

    Her left tentacle is particularly attractive.


  9. kbee says:

    I might be on a skeptic kick, but is this really from a photographer’s portfolio or a personal album? I see some things are marked out, but nothing is left that usually identifies it as a tog.

    If it is a fauxtog at work, good lord. If not, and it’s someone’s personal ‘art’, shoot! Get your cray-cray on and MySpace it up like it ain’t no thang!


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