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How Baby Bumps Are Made

How very tasteful…

  1. Brent says:

    Wow… my wife is 32 weeks along, such inspiration for our photoshoot! lol…


  2. lesli says:

    My eyes have just been violated. Please help me.


  3. Courtney says:



  4. Jenna says:

    ewww! distasteful all the way around!


  5. AC says:

    She looks oddly like Kristen Stewart…does anyone else see that?


  6. ... says:

    Well at least she was airbrushed to the point where she looks 12!


  7. drpeters says:

    I propose a contest to try to create a photo that would be worthy of inclusion on this site. (smearing petroleum jelly on my D800)


  8. Rachel says:

    Gross! Why would such a good-looking person do this to herself? (Or let a fauxtog do this to her?) AHHH!


  9. Wsroadrunner says:

    What the Hell????


  10. anonomous says:

    What in the h*ll is this? I feel like I am being subjected to porn. This is not intimate it is trashy


  11. HUMMM says:

    I wonder how that conversation went? “Hey, Ive got an idea, you both get naked and sit on this black sheet, Ill use my pop up flash and it will look so cute!” I bet the guy is thinking….”Are you F***ing serious” and his girl is like “Oh Come on Honey, Please…… If you don’t Ill never talk to you again” and the fauxtog is thinking “Oh Yeah….just scored a YNAP worthyshot! Woohoo!”


  12. Tina says:

    She looks 12 and he looks like Chester the Molester! Look at the creepy look on his face! Somebody call child protective services!


  13. Lalalalaaaaa says:

    Ugh! What an ugly, nasty mess! Or is it a joke? It is in bad taste then add to that the pathetic photography skills and it’s a classic Fauxtog. And this was posted publicly?! Hmm why did he shave his legs?


    • Pelham says:

      Yeah, now you mention it…..the only guys I know who shave their legs are a) elite cyclists, b) elite swimmers and c) drag queens. Buddy doesn’t look nearly fit enough to be either of the first two and I seriously doubt he’s a drag queen.


    • Jess says:

      I think the fauxtog probably airbrushed the hair off his legs. lol


  14. Kate says:

    GROSS! In so many ways! Only one of those being her yellow-green skin. And seriously, at this point, why is she even wearing panties?


  15. Jordan says:

    Let’s be honest. My money is on that the, and I use the term loosely, “photographer” was a guy and just wanted to see her chest.


  16. Karen says:

    What beautiful memories they’ll be able to share with their child…………. NOT!


  17. MM says:

    Why is she yellow?
    I think she needs to see a doctor.


  18. rachelle says:

    that makes me have a frowny face :(


  19. lolkat says:

    The only positive I can see in this is that she cannot get pregnant again. What the F. This is seriously like a cover of a peggo porn dvd.


  20. Melissa says:

    what in gods name.


  21. Julia says:

    Wait, is that Bella and Edward?? Ewwww.


  22. Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!! I threw my iPad down in disgust, and then stupidly picked it back up again, and didn’t keep my eyes closed. I usually share YANAP features with my teen daughter so we can have a good laugh together, but this?!!? I don’t ever want to view porn with her. Ugh! This tog needs to be stopped!


  23. RealWedTog says:

    Dammit! This photo just gave me syphilis!


  24. JohnLF says:

    The client views the togs work: “Oh, that’s perfect! Can I order a 2 metre canvas of this to put up in my lounge, so that all my friends can come round and see how wonderful we look together…”


  25. A photographer says:

    “Hey mom! I found some pictures of you and Dad from a few years…. AUUUUGHHH!”


  26. Mika says:

    beyond the creepy/hideous concept and bad posing/lighting, the skin tones are what bother me most…his body is so creamy white with a pink face and yellow arms and she is just all-over yellow?
    If the image is cropped to just their heads & shoulders and color balanced properly, it could be a fairly decent portrait…


  27. lorie says:

    Bring on the eye bleach!


  28. Janet says:

    She might want to see the doctor about that jauntice problem….


  29. Anna says:

    I’m just a model and don’t know much but WTF???? I don’t always comment but again WTF? I AM a former lighting designer and his left leg is blinding white… As a nutritionist I’m not sure her and the baby will make it to delivery with the liver failure she’s obviously experiencing and I think he’s got an iron deficiency issue! Oh wait, it was the fauxtog’s idea of either lighting/editing skin tone… and I feel like I just saw porn at work! I’m going for a drink before I resume work! Question for the photog’s and editors… did they almost do selective colour on his head? Or is that lighting? Or is it me not knowing anything?


    • Pelham says:

      Oi, I’m a former model, so no slagging them ;-) Obviously they’ve got nutritional issues, or the fauxtog is using mixed lighting. I don’t think they did anything to his face. If you look at his forearms they aren’t as pasty as the rest of him. Methinks he’s a redhead with the remnants of a farmer’s tan. And he may be a little embarrassed. I would be.


  30. Jenna says:



  31. TollToll says:

    Stay Classy ‘Merica.


  32. GallopingGourmet says:

    There’s “good” naked and there’s “bad” naked. This is very very bad.


  33. Artie fufkin says:

    I think I have the answer to why he’s shaved his legs

    he’s taken that leg hair and glued it to his head


  34. photostudent says:

    The picture could actually be better with just a little bit of colour correcting (better doesnt mean good…)


  35. photostudent says:

    The picture could actually be better with just a little bit of colour correcting (better doesnt mean good…) check the edited version:


  36. dudebird says:

    Prego Porn.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Ok, seriously, you guys really need to get a life- No this is not mine, but I do know the people in it and have since I was little. It doesn’t need to be up here for Everyone in the world to see, it really just shouldn’t be on the net at all. Was you guys really not coddled enough as children or whats the deal? Seriously??? you people make me and the rest of the world sick.You are the people who when they say your mom should have swallowed are talking about. I’m done-bye


  38. had-enough says:

    OMG someone poke my eyes out….I think I am going to vomit. What were they thinking and do you think they think this looks good??????


  39. fstopper89 browneyedgirl89 says:

    1. Do they have jaundice?
    2. Fauxtog forgot to photoshop out the leg hairs near his groin.
    3. How did they end up together? Drunken night gone wrong?
    4. Nice tattooed ring. Classy!
    5. Let me go barf.


  40. NickE says:

    What’s with the skin tones???


  41. girlinthephoto says:

    We are perfectly healthy, jaundice free, livers functioning properly couple who were called upon to take some photos for a photographer we knew of. Which by the way was not the best idea in hindsight considering the photographer wouldnt release all the pics to us in fear of “bad photos getting out and making him look like a bad photographer.” No child molestation here we are both of age. PS we did not meet on a drunken night, we are both big perverts who were former swingers and happened to fall in love… He has a silver tongue and an awesome cock! To all of you with your wild comments, I am sure there are some not so good pics of you running around somewhere he he… Peace be with you


  42. Antonio says:

    He looks like a rapist.


  43. Nicole says:

    This week on “Trailer Park Wives”…..


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