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Heavenly Baby Bump


Is this how Jesus happened?

  1. Mike says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph that is an awful photo! The heavenly boob grab!
    I suddenly feel the urge to sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”!


  2. ashley says:

    The exaggerated kiss is probably one of the worst parts of this picture.


  3. Mark says:

    She looks in such an awkward position too… Looks like it’s hurting her.


  4. Alyssa Nelson says:

    Looks like she’s wearing a towel.


  5. paul says:

    Actually I’ve seen a *lot* worse although it wouldn’t have taken them much effort to do a better PS job.


  6. Spike says:

    Which is worse, his ducklips kiss
    or the view up her nose?


  7. Bob says:

    There is a long list of “do not do” out there. Near the top of the list is “DO NOT take a pic up someone’s nose”. Putting their head/neck in an awkward position is someone on it too. They will never learn because their “clients” will “like” their pics to death and keep the cycle going. All we get out of it is our daily “head shake”. There have always been crappy photogs but now they are like mushrooms. My crystal ball foresees the mushroom problem increasing as the years go by.


  8. QuicksilverQueen says:

    So…in the clouds, there’s a legless floating genie-type guy with his arms around this chick. Oh, and you can see up her nose. Great job.


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