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    Handy Stocking Stuffer

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  • santa arm

    At first glance this photo appears innocent and cute, upon closer inspection however you’ll notice that either that stocking is stuffed with a dismembered arm, or Santa is laying on the floor just out of the frame, reaching for this poor unsuspecting child…

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    1. What happened is that little Billy spiked Santa’s milk so he could steal the cookies. While Santa lays there drooling, Billy is enjoying the cookies. I’ve leave it up to each individual as to whether you think it’s cute or not. I vote for “meh” but I’m not into “cutsie”.

    2. BurninBiomass

      Come on kid, pull Santa’s finger!

    3. You do realize that little “billy” is a girl… right?

      • Sure did. I was speaking generically. Sort of like the wedding intruder “uncle Bob”. In any case, whatever the name or gender, I’m sure some will like the amount of thought put into staging this but I’m even more sure that most will not appreciate a dead Santa laying beside their child.

    4. Is that the best you could do? Lame…..

    5. It Makes My Eyes Burn


      I think she killed Santa. Now she’s sitting there stealin’ his cookies.

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