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    Girl On A Car

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  • car girl

    Oh what a great effect, you can’t tell where she ends and where the car begins!

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    1. Genius planning. This reminds me of another pic I saw recently. The couple were at a studio setup in front of a black backdrop with their two kids. Yes, you guessed it, the lady was wearing black just like this one. Nothing says faux like a disembodied head and arms. And again, some people wonder why they should pay for a pro. A hot red dress people. That’s why. Black on black…genius.

    2. Worst Case Scenario

      Worst Case Scenario

      To be fair, it’s pretty hard to get blacks that rich and STILL burn out the hair!

      • Good call. I guess the skunk hair and white forearm are supposed to complement the logo.

    3. NVM that “Southern Exposure” is a strip club chain in WV.

    4. It’s okay if it was a beginner.. What we unfortunately don’t know…

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