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I’m sorta thinking this is genius. The fauxtog happens upon this girl with a unicorn, and obviously since it’s a unicorn, she takes a quick snap shot and shares it on her Facebook. Surely, no photographer would post this as “real” work.

  1. scadyooper says:

    I actually know where and what this is. This is a very out of focus Waving Girl Statue, all they needed was a little Green spot coloring to complete this photo :/ The Statue in real life is a really cool statue.


  2. moi says:

    I don’t even see what’s happening, I’m thinking the photographer(cough) might be practising voyeurism.


  3. Sayyyy what??? What the hell is goin on here??


  4. spike says:

    I am just trying to figure out why the OP chose black-and-white, unless they really bombed the white-balance beyond repair. Also is it me or is the horizon tilted?


    • Amy says:

      Oh, it’s tilted.

      But those are some gorgeous plants in the foreground. I bet they wanted to be able to identify them to plant in their own garden.


  5. Dave says:

    not sure why you would be posting this as a sample of your work… A rather generic photo of statues at a park – done in BW and very hard to see the statues…

    Doesn’t trip my trigger


  6. spike says:

    If this same photo was in colour, not tilted, and the camera had been just a pip closer, the statue would be beautifully framed in the surrounding foliage. Sometimes it seems half the “trick” to photography is figuring out exactly why your eye is attracted to or distracted from various objects.


  7. are you sure that’s not a llama?


  8. Jen says:

    It took my reading the comments to figure out what this actually was, I’m pretty sure that’s not the aim of a photograph


  9. Henny says:

    i think my eyes are going really really bad. i can’t see into the distance anymore. i need to see an ophthalmologist soon, before i go blind.


  10. Roland985 says:

    It would look great if they had focussed for the statue, dropped the awful B/W, and had composed it better.


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