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  • Your Photos Suck! Learn Trick Photography & Special Effects. Get Creative Here

    Et Tu, Walmart?

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  • Oh great…

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    1. Finally! That’ll save me hours of work, my client portfolio must never hear of this or I’ll have to bill less :/

    2. Sears is doing it too! and our local walmart studio closed recently. :( 😛

    3. Brittany

      Portrait Innovations does spot coloring as well.

    4. Is fauxtography becoming so popular that PictureMe is trying to “keep up with the trends”?

    5. I was in Walmart the other day and saw this, laughed and told my hubby that this needed to be on your website!! Am I good or what?!

    6. Wsroadrunner

      More ways for the People of Walmart to look gud. :-p

    7. Nora Sparx

      I’m a former Picture Me! Portrait Studio employee (it takes a lot for me to admit that- I’m still kind of in denial), and quit just before they got Lightbox. A visiting studio manager and I were looking through all the samples of the new effects that they wanted us to sell, and we were both horrified. You can get the same results with any chintzy online editor, or Instagram, without having to fork over $300+. Seriously, CPI Corp. WTF.

    8. hulabride

      Saw this at Wal-Mart not too long ago and thought of this website glad to see someone already reported it. Cracks me up!

    9. Scientists have recently found that selective color frequently causes gag reflexes for a significant number of study participants.

    10. sadly

      sadly enough i am a sears cpi employee and the samples they gave us for in studio is more embarrassing

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