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  • decap

    At least she was kind of smiling when her head was removed from her body!

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    1. All I can say is watch out for the incoming tide. Oh, and what an odd idea for a shot. Oh, and not a fan of flare on faces.

    2. Apparently the model is not the only one with their head in the sand.

    3. I like the play of the light in this (except for the lens flair). Aside from the weird concept, I kind of like the photo.

    4. a good click by photographer, amazing photography

    5. Not a bad photo at all. This shouldnt be here. Much worse out there.

    6. Yeah, the idea is a little weird and the flair’s disturbing. But it doesn’t deserve to be on this list since the light is nice and this would be a decent holliday souvenir picture…

    7. theCharlieScott

      Just tell me where she is. I’d dig her up in a heartbeat…

    8. Zubutsa

      Add a little fake blood on the sand and it would look like an ISIS propaganda photo.

    9. Dane Hoffman

      Ok, this is clearly the best of the worst.

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