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    Daily Rewind: Awfully Photoshopped Russian Wedding Photos

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  • Awfully Photoshopped Russian Wedding Pictures

    We’re recreating some of our favorite posts from the old Tumblr site. It just wouldn’t be You Are Not a Photographer without a link to these Russian wedding pictures.

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    1. this is just horrifying. i didn’t know awfulness existed in this caliber.

    2. I wish I could un-see this. Maybe if I pour bleach in my eyes.

    3. Is this all from one photographer or do all Russian photographers think that photoshopping the groom onto the brides hand is “art” ???? HORRIBLE!!

    4. Anonymous

      these are so confusing they make physics easy…

    5. Susan Hoffman

      These are hysterical! I am amused by how many use the miniature bride or groom image … the bride and groom in the glass has to be my favorite. Must be a Russian thing. Reminds me of that TV commercial where the rich guy has the mini-giraffe: now I know where that comes from. Now can anyone tell me what is going on in the one where the bride is holding two cabbages with babies???

    6. In Soviet Russia, photo shop you!

    7. The 2nd one with the blue lightning bolts….WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

    8. Ilia Smirnov

      This is not photoshop. This is what things look like in Russia and Ukraine. Small grooms and butterfly attacks are daily occurrences.

    9. Vic94110

      I don’t see anything. What gives?

    10. Wsroadrunner

      Too much vodka, perhaps?

    11. Katherine

      It’s funny that the photographer clearly posed them in different situations with these scenarios already in his head to run right to his computer and do that. They are so funny I actually LOL’d I can’t decide if the bride drowning in the water or the one growing out of the rose is my favorite

    12. I’m frightened, Auntie Em!

    13. fireandice20062008


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