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Cowboy Baby

Cowboy hat – check!

Pearls – check!

Horrible photo – check!


  1. NickE says:

    Sweet mother of…..The pearls, I just can’t stop looking at the pearls!


  2. Shiznit1984 says:

    The photo itself is adorable, but the red rim around the eyes screams too much time getting intimate with the “saturate” sponge in Photoshop.


  3. pixelmunkie says:

    oh for pity sake – wth?
    maybe… nm- this cannot be explained *facepalm


  4. Wsroadrunner says:

    That’s horrible. Who the f*** would do that to a toddler? Someone shoot that fauxtog…. quick


  5. Gina says:

    Babies are flawless. Why is there such a need to touch them up?


  6. Kat says:

    The Glamor Glow filter ought to be illegal. And why create something that you’d expect to see on website for pedophiles??? Awful. Bad. Terrible. Just plain bad.


  7. Dana says:

    Ummmm….no. Not even a “cute” photo. Not sure anything would have made this better. Well, except a GOOD photographer! LOL


  8. Brian says:

    Someone trying to live vicariously through their baby? Well, it stinks.


  9. BurninBiomass says:

    Whats the matter Tex…. are ya yeller?


  10. JF says:

    WTC is in the background???


  11. Salzie says:

    Its been so far overedited that it looks like a frikin digital illustration!


  12. Annoyed says:

    There’s that watermark again. This person should be ashamed.


  13. Sam says:



  14. ashlee says:

    put the camera down… slowly… and walk away ….. and never , ever , ever , pick it back up !!


  15. ashley says:

    so this photo isnt her best work but have any of you even looked at the rest of her stuff, its really not all that bad, this site just picks out the worst of everyone stuff, shes petty popular in her town by how many people she has photographed, maybe you all should look at the rest before you judge her. this site is ridiculous some photos deserve being on here but not these


    • Canaduck says:

      You’re wrong.


      • ashley says:

        no this site was for photographers to help each other in what they are doing wrong, now all it is doing is making fun of other photos, some are really bad but this image its self isnt just the editing!


    • Hobbyist says:

      Why exactly are the websites Not posted? If these are so called “professionals” and have their name/work out there for the world to see on their own account, then why does it matter if we see their names or not? Nothing wrong with a little free advertisement. It’s work they’re obviously proud of so why can’t we go see the rest of their portfolios?


  16. Janet says:

    I see the makings of a new reality show in this one: Toddlers & Tiaras …. & Piknik!


  17. fireandice20062008 says:

    A cute picture but really badly edited and colored.


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