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    Classy Prom Photo

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  • tennis ball

    Get it? He’s sporty and she’s fancy and they’re going to prom together! That’s a very nice dirty blanket they’re standing on there…

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    1. Is it a prom photo? The baseball shoe is a left shoe. I’d say it’s her left and right feet, telling me she’s sporty and classy. Maybe so but the pic sure isn’t. Maybe some astroturf on a dance floor might have worked better. I dunno.

    2. Michelle

      I think Bob’s correct. That’s a girls softball. I get the concept but it’s doesn’t work in this picture!

      • Jennifer

        It’s not a “girls” softball; it is a high-visibility softball. Many men’s leagues use the yellow ball as well.

        I’m baffled how anyone would think this is a prom couple photo. It’s clearly one person in two shoes. Or else someone found a date with identical ankles.

        I do wonder if the dirty cleats were what got the dirt all over the black fabric. The client might have wanted the photo, but the photographer shouldn’t have put it in their portfolio! (Unless this is just the best one he has, and clients buy it; in which case, I can understand having it there- the more high school girls who see it and think “I want that” the more clients he gets.)

    3. I think Bob is correct, too. I didn’t know there were special softballs for girls! I thought it might have been lime green as a glow in the dark feature so it would be easier to find during night games, like orange golf balls for playing in snow.

    4. chuck

      You’ve thoroughly dissected a bad photo, and come to the shared conclusion that… it bad.

    5. Melissa

      This image was done properly by someone else (It was a senior picture who wanted a photo showing both her sporty side and prom); my guess is that this image is a poor copy of it. (or the good picture was a much better copy of this)

    6. Kenneth


    7. Its one person…

    8. Hi, I am always new sexy girl do you have a photo?

    9. You know what’s not classy? Being an effing hater.

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