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    Category: You Put Them Where? Page 1 of 9

    floating head

    Floating Head

    We understand the sentiment, but c’mon! This is just horrible.

    sleeping tiger

    Don’t Trick or Treat Here

    You definitely don’t want to let your kids stop by her place on Halloween…


    Car Face

    We’re not even sure what to say about this one…


    Pipecleaner Head

    Someone got a little carried away at craft time…

    watermarked mouth

    Watermark Mouth

    We’d cry if we were covered in that many watermarks too!

    lady on a hook


    Okay, we get that she’s supposed to be the “bait” but what is this guy trying to catch!?



    At least she was kind of smiling when her head was removed from her body!


    Oven Ladies

    … We don’t really get it…

    Cloud Head

    She’s sure got her head in the clouds…