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Kissy Face

awkward kiss

If you’re photographing the bride and groom in a kissy pose, you may want to give your poor subjects some guidance so they don’t end up looking like muppets.

Blue Butt


Selective butt coloring, that’s a new low!

Big Hands, Little Couple


Come on Fauxtog! It’s their 30th wedding anniversary! Don’t stop at only three poorly blended photos, you might as well get a whole 30 of them in there!

Fake Face Bride

anime bride

Hire this Fauxtog… because don’t we all just want to look like plastic airheads on our Wedding day?

Big Head Groom, Little Butt Bride

skinniest bride

Awesome job fauxtog! Now he looks SO smart with that huge head and she doesn’t have to worry about a single ounce of junk in her trunk!