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    Category: Pets Page 1 of 2



    girl and dog

    A Girl And Her Ghost Dog

    Oh right, Little Black Riding Hood and Phantom Fido! No wait, we don’t know this story…


    The Bird Lady

    Polly want a refund?

    basket boy

    Basket Boy And His Dog

    How very realistic looking…


    Tinsel Leash

    It might make sense if the dogs were the ones connected by a tinsel leash, but why the kids!?

    sad easter

    The Saddest Easter

    This one definitely gets us in the Easter spirit… Someone get that poor boy a chocolate bunny or something!

    belly and dog

    Blur Belly Dog Shot

    Is she holding a dismembered hand against her belly? The dog probably thinks it’s for him which is why he’s watching so intently.

    Lady and the dog

    A Lady And Her Dog

    The only way this is any good is if another dog actually took the photo… Even then someone should let him know he’s kind of a fauxdographer…


    Medusa & The Demon Dog

    Medusa and demon dog, just chillin’ out in the ivy…