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Love Mail From Alex

In my opinion your website is perfect and just the right dose of medicine for fauxtogs and photographers alike. I am a photographer and I started my business late 2010. Now at first I did just think, ‘hey I’m good’ because 1 out of 20 pictures would be decent. Then my mother, who has been a photographer for about 15 years – 8 professionally – politely told me that I suck. So I started learning how to use my camera better, I looked online at other photography, and I spent hours with my sister trying to hone my photography skills.
Now I feel proud about my work and I have confidence that it is about 300% better then when I first started. I look back at some of my work from late 2010 and early 2011 and it is scary. I knew basic composition and lighting and figured that was enough but it so wasn’t.
I am glad for your sight because even if it does hurt feelings, it show the difference between crap and pictures worth buying. Where I live so many people believe that they can pick up a camera and – BOOM – business. Sadly, I was one of those and I feel badly. People of course will pay for cheap pictures not realizing that they are wasting money. Fauxtaogs steal pro photographers business and it makes it harder for us trying to run a business to create income!
Thanks again for a place for me to rant and have a few laughs,

Love Mail

People like us, they really do.

“I for one applaud you for your efforts. People don’t have to visit your site. And in my humble opinion, you have every right to expose them for what they are. If the BBB graded their business, would anyone have a problem with it??? I am a military photographer, and I must say, that unfortunately we house a lot of these fauxtographers. I do my best to teach those under my charge the true art of photography and make sure I send out a better product than what I recieved. That being said, some people are beyond help. I look at your website daily (sometimes three times a day) waiting for more updates. I show it to my staff, and as we laugh, I also use it as learning tools on what not to do. So, if anything else, thanks for your dedication to the true art in photography.

Semper Fidelis,