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    Category: Fauxtography Page 12 of 82

    sexy fake dog

    Sexy Fake Puppy

    He wanted to look sensitive, but didn’t want to actually touch a filthy little mutt!

    masky skirt

    Musical Mask

    Oh what a great background!


    Ultrasound Photo Shoot

    Ultrasound photos of babies work just as well as actual babies!

    warrior lady

    Bucket Warrior

    The warrior princes, fighting evil in construction sites all around the world!

    green armor

    Dragon Slayer

    They even do Bodoire!


    Mighty Morphin’ Power Stance

    It appears she is about to transform into something epic and fight the forces of evil!

    so so so bad

    So So So Bad

    If you take a photo that is just horrible in every way, you can trick people into thinking it’s awesome if you put at least 6 watermarks on…


    Sloppy Desaturation

    We like the concept, just not the execution.

    zebra camo

    Zebra Zebra

    Maybe a bit heavy on the zebra print…