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Serious Cat Business

Curious about her grumpy expression? You’ll understand if you ever try to tie a tie while holding a cat!

Dead Doggy

Always nice when a Fauxtog can make Man’s Best Friend appear dead!

Dingo And The Baby

Watch out! A dingo is about to steal your baby!

The Night Before Christmas, Fauxtog Style

A quick look back at some of our favorite images of 2012 and our version of The Night Before Christmas. Make sure you check out all 6 pages!

Twas the night before Christmas and everywhere online, all of the fauxtogs were starting to shine. The portraits were airbrushed well beyond repair, creating doubts that Grandma ever actually had any wrinkles there.

What Is This Creature?

Aw, a puppy! Wait, it’s a puppy right? Do we win a prize if we get it correct?

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