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  • Category: Bad Pet Photography Page 1 of 2

    serious cat face

    Serious Cat Business

    Curious about her grumpy expression? You’ll understand if you ever try to tie a tie while holding a cat!

    dead dog

    Dead Doggy

    Always nice when a Fauxtog can make Man’s Best Friend appear dead!

    dog and baby

    Dingo And The Baby

    Watch out! A dingo is about to steal your baby!

    merry xmas fauxtog

    The Night Before Christmas, Fauxtog Style

    A quick look back at some of our favorite images of 2012 and our version of The Night Before Christmas. Make sure you check out all 6 pages!…

    ewww face

    What Is This Creature?

    Aw, a puppy! Wait, it’s a puppy right? Do we win a prize if we get it correct?