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  • Butterflies

    Do you ever get so nervous that you’ve got butterflies in your stomach!? Just get a sword and cut them out!

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    1. Linda K.

      Holy crap!! Butterflies AND stabbings?!

    2. There is something terribly wrong with your man-parts. Thank you for ridding the world of it’s frightful chaos.

    3. bridget

      wow – just um ….wow

    4. I don’t understand? I just don’t understand.

      • I have to agree. Just what is this photo supposed to be saying to me or more precisely, what is the photographer trying to say to me?

    5. It seems as though his happy time is quite spectacular….. *gag*

    6. Lol, just lol, nice white balance too, some people get fake tans to look that orange!

    7. I’m sure it’s quite incidental but that little pink ‘appendage’ right underneath his sword adds a lovely phallic component to the shot.

    8. What the hell am I looking at??? Mother of God….

    9. stinger

      It makes you wonder how long that idea was kicked around… ” Hey bob what do you think about taking your fat belly and we will do some neat stuff with butterflys,,, and a sword”

    10. WOW, Can’t get worse than that.

    11. OMG.

    12. I actually like this one quite a lot.

    13. Privizzini's Passion Photography

      lol, this was one of my early pieces. It’s so bad. I’ve come so far. Thanks for the memory lane laugh.

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