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    Bruised Boudoir

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  • Aw look, they almost have matching leg bruises!

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    1. Sereda


    2. darrelltwo

      If only they could afford an MUA (and lighting)… at least their pits are shaved :-)

      • Andreas Bergmann

        … thats… fail. Imposing shaved pits-in-order-to-be-beautiful is nonsense, what is wrong here is posing, lighting and some sloppy lack of post. But people-can’t-be-sexy-and-beautiful-without-shaved-this-or-that is just perpetuating patricarchal myth.

        • I agree. The execution is poor and the photographer has not given much thought to the backgroud or composition as well as the other things you noted. A good photographer can make anyone look good. :-)

        • Twiggy

          Nice white knight-ing Andreas. But that’s complete bullshit. The only people in this world that find hairy pits on a girl attractive in any way are “naturists” and feminazis. Perpetuating a myth? No.
          But you’re right about everything being lousy.

        • I don’t like shaved pits on anyone. And I always thought I was pretty normal. Sad to find I’m weird after all.

        • We all know that clean pits are generally preferred.

          But folks at YANAP generally keep critique focused on the photographer’s work, and not on the personal appearance of their subjects. (See the ‘off-center’ belly button comment on the karate kid with lollipop.) A shaved armpit comment was just unrelated and unnecessary.

          Now, if the tog happened to cause heavy shadowing in the armpitsfrom shoddy lighting? Okie dokie.

    3. The carpet doesn’t match the drapes…

    4. if this was a in between shots….why publish it?…ugh…It totally kills whatever rep the photog is trying to create.

    5. Christine

      her hand in in a really weird place or is it just me. She looks like her tucking panties quit working

    6. “Your elbow is in my vagina”

    7. How awkward are the poses! There is not one redeeming quality in this photo….next!

    8. notafauxtog

      Looks like stuff from early 90’s Euro porn mags. If the Fauxtog was going for that, then congrats.

    9. no comprende

    10. Canaduck

      The woman lying down looks like she’s mildly amused by whatever she’s watching TV and the other one looks like she’s about to snap her own neck.

    11. Seriously? I’m sure they are both attractive women but this pose shows them at the worst possible angles

    12. Hey, this took skill. Not many people could make the “attractive woman + attractive woman = hideous photo” equation work.

    13. no one special

      Is that a breast augmentation? Or is that some extra piece of material from her bra? Photo is too bad to tell for sure.

      • Twiggy

        I Didn’t even notice that. WTF IS THAT?!

      • No idea. I’m thinking it’s a sticky bra cup, the kind you wear under your clothes without the straps. Sort of like a large, breast-hugging pasty.

    14. ooooh sexy.
      There are so many beautiful, artistic, sensual ways to photograph the female body…this is not one of them.

    15. These women would make awesome models for a good photographer. This just looks like a still from a cheesy outtake of an amateur adult film. They’re not even posed or engaged in any way. It’s as if they’re changing positions or lounging around for the real shoot. I don’t get it.

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