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Blur Head Baby

It appears the fauxtog got a tiny patch of grass kind of in focus, but that was it…

  1. John Sharpe says:

    Look at the Bright Side.
    Oh, Wait. We already are.
    Bloody Hell?
    Kids got no hair. Let’s grow a Flower out of her EAR!
    Gotta’ put it SOMEWHERE… Agreed?


  2. Angela says:

    One day, the children will rise up. And they will light fires, and stomp fists, and yell ‘we aren’t gonna sit for this bullshit anymore!’ And it will be a fearful day. Mark my words.


  3. Celine says:

    Don’t you know if you add enough filters and actions, you can make even the blurriest of photos into a professional-grade photograph? It must be true, because there are certainly enough people out there doing just that.


  4. scowl says:

    In the Bible, this was called “The Transconfiguration”. Is this the baby Jesus?


  5. Mathieu Perry says:

    Oh My Gawd!!!! I just love me some broad side lighting!!! Well done! … idiot. Nice post production too … idiot.


  6. TollToll says:

    Terrible. Nice Picnik logo. PEOPLE… I’m SO NOT READY for the outbreak of more “PHOTOGRAPHERS” after black friday!!


  7. Tilda says:

    Well, I wish I could sprout flowers from my ears too!


  8. This is a bad photo of a flower with a baby behind it.
    And Amen to the new influx of “Professional Amateurs!”


  9. spike says:

    Looks like the sorts of pictures I could take when I run out of the cool house into the hot sun and can’t be bothered to wait for my lens to defog.

    And again I ask the parents of the world, WTFingF is up with those tacky floral…thingies you insist on attaching to toddlers’ heads? Do you really want to make it look as if your child is SPROUTING?


  10. Dave says:

    The focus is the least of this image’s issues…composition, color, lighting, focus….. YUCK.


  11. sharon g says:

    I’m getting a migraine from the glare off the top of the kid’s head…


  12. Artie Fufkin says:

    they managed to make an otherwise cute child look like an out of focus and overweight stripper



  13. laura says:

    The fauxtogs use auto, right? So how do they manage to make it look that horrible?


  14. spike says:

    Hey now. Her name is Lola. She was a showgirl.


  15. HennyM says:



  16. Janet says:

    I do hope that flower wasn’t glued to her head!


  17. justme says:

    ugh! stop using auto-focus, fauxtogs!!! it never focuses on what you want!


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