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Blur Belly Dog Shot

belly and dog

Is she holding a dismembered hand against her belly? The dog probably thinks it’s for him which is why he’s watching so intently.

  1. Hubert Hotte says:

    The processing… oh my god my eyes are bleeding.


  2. Tinkjumps says:

    That’s even more awful than my shots. And that’s really hard to do.


  3. LisaBE says:

    I just don’t understand the concept of this image. Is the dog helping with the delivery?


  4. Meggy says:

    That is truly and utterly awful. Why?


  5. danewood says:

    I am baffled by this photo. What is the relationship of the dog to the pregnancy belly? What did the fauxtog see in this photo that is utterly escaping me?


  6. Tami K says:

    this is probably the worst photo i ever saw. I don’t see a watermark, so maybe it was just someone playing around trying to be artsy and wasn’t actually getting paid for this.

    I guess if I could try to imagine the concept, the family is anxiously awaiting a ball of flesh baby, and their canine baby is also part of the family. Otherwise it’s just a horrid accidental picture that they thought they could use all the features of their photo manipulation program and turn it into something creative.. *barf*


  7. Digger says:

    This is HDR processing gone very wrong (look at the lighter halo around the dog, sure sign of HDR)


    • Bob says:

      This is an example of just about everything gone wrong. I dare anyone to tell me one thing that is “right” with it. I agree with Hubert above. This hurts my eyes almost to the point of bleeding. Thank you for the pain, faux, whoever you are.


    • jackd says:

      The halo could be caused by many things, including an unsharp mask. Yet another fauxtographer who thinks he’s above the people who get posted on this site.


  8. Ebby says:

    That dingo’s gonna eat their baby.


  9. Spike says:

    There’s the “I would have never posted it”, photos, and the “I would have deleted it on-camera” photos, but THIS…is a “Why’d I even bother taking the lens cap off” kind of shot.

    Even if the focus, DoF, lighting and WB had been spot-on…just…WHY?


  10. DidYouEvenLookThroughTheViewFinder says:

    The only thing this shot is missing is a thought bubble for the dog that reads “I call dibs on the placenta!”


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