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Blue Eyed Beauty

It needs more edits!! We can still kind of tell this was once a real person.

  1. Jim T. says:

    Looks like two shots put together.One top part one bottom part.


  2. Lindsay says:

    holy shit :0 some one call a doctor this lady has OMGWTF syndrome :/


  3. Melissa Burke says:



  4. Ricky says:



  5. Marino says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s way we make robots look like R2D2 instead of humanoids….


  6. Annoyed says:

    That editing hack job almost makes that man look like a woman.


    • monolith says:

      She looks very young and healthy! What a vibrant model. The only thing that gives this away is the I AM LYING THROUGH MY FUCKING TEETH.


  7. Susan says:

    As if the bright inhumanly blue eyes aren’t enough, they had to smooth out the face until it looks like plastic. Given the glasses around the table behind her, do you think this was maybe a dinner party or something? And maybe someone mistook their phone for a camera?


  8. Oh geeez says:

    I bet she saw this and thought What the heck did you do to me? This is cruelly quit an insult to whoever it’s a picture of. Why did the faux tog feel it necessary to edit to this extent? I think the massive amount if over editing lately is insulting to the people in the pictures.


  9. A photographer says:

    Where is the photograph? All I see is an air brush painting of a cartoon character I don’t recognize.


  10. Ashaloo says:

    Looks like she must be from Dune!


  11. Ned Yeung says:

    Awesome photo! Her eyes are so sharp and in focus! What camera did you use?


    • A photographer says:

      I used my brand new Canon 1DX with my brand new 85mm f1.2 L Mark II.

      I found that this lens is just too damn sharp for for flattering portraits. What was Canon thinking? I sent it to Irvine for repair and it came back even sharper. What a bunch of idiots! I had to fix it myself by smearing some vaseline on the front element.


  12. SoniKalien says:

    All it needs is some lazer beams….


  13. Yepple says:

    No wrinkles!


  14. spike says:

    Oh wow that is indeed post-process smoothing. I thought at first that it was some kind of attempt on YANAP’s behalf to obscure the face in order to protect the identity of the person in the photo.


  15. NicCole says:



  16. Tracy says:

    I think I just burnt my retinas :P


  17. rocktographer says:

    Whoa! There’s just no way this was actually found posted on someone’s “business” page or site. I mean, they would actually have to be literally near blind not to see how bad this editing is. No watermark gives me hope that someone isn’t seriously advertising themselves as a “pro” with this garbage


  18. Pelham says:

    Poor woman, obviously she’s so ugly in real life that they HAD to give her laser-blue eyes and a nice touch o’ red around them too, to make her look better. And don’t forget smoothing out every kind of wrinkle and line that might show facial expression, too.


  19. kevrobertson says:

    I actually am struggling to understand why someone would edit like that.
    And even worse than that… POST IT ONINE FOR PEOPLE TO SEE.

    What a muppet.


  20. dave says:

    There is no damn excuse for this – even if the client asks / demands that you do something with her wrinkles… and the eyes… I haven’t seen eyes like that since Star Trek – one of the early episodes – when Kirk’s friend becomes a God….

    I know – she came to the photographer and said – make me look like a barbie doll… plastic smoth skin and glowing eyes… yep – that’s it.


  21. tom says:

    My God, It’s Mr Humphries from Are you being served?


  22. Mark says:

    It needs a fancy watermark. Otherwise it’s just someone playing around with photoshop.


  23. Artie fufkin says:

    the skin looks quite dead
    the eyes are too blue
    I just used this pic
    to wipe up my poo


  24. Jenna says:

    It is beginning.

    The zombie apocalypse.

    Folks, pay attention. This is the first symptom. A sharp, laserlike intense stare, with blood starting to fill up the whites of the eyes and eyelids…


  25. Cindy says:

    What happened to YANAP posting two pics a day as they mentioned in the past? Love this site, but this pic has been up several days now.


  26. Open Focus Broken Focus says:

    Who looks at a photo like this after processing and thinks to themselves, “yeah, this looks nice.”


  27. NickE says:

    I’m waiting to see if she is able to project laser beams from her eyes…


  28. monolith says:

    Is it just me or are sex dolls getting more hideous and less realistic?


  29. Ayame says:

    this looks like one of the characters in the board game “13 Dead End Drive”. creepy blue eyes and smudged face!


  30. justme says:

    And the spice must flow…


  31. Someone says:

    I frequent this website, usually at least once a week. This was the first time I’ve seen a family member on it….. lol


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