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    Black and White Baby Feet

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  • baby feet

    We like how this Fauxtog took such an over-used engagement photo idea and really made it their own. The editing is just so horrible and everything is so blurry that no one would ever think an actual photographer took this. Well done.

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    1. Now that’s not fair. There is a slight bit of sharpness left in one sole. However, that was probably the fault of the faux not brushing over that area with the blur brush to match the rest of it. I always adore photos with horrific lighting and the main subject not just oof, but waaay oof. He/she was likely going for that “soft” and “dreamy” look. Alrighty then. As for the crap lighting, I don’t know what that was supposed to accomplish. We can only hope the shot was requested and he/she had no choice but to shoot it. But could you at least shoot it, light it, and process it nicely?

    2. Kenneth

      damn shame

    3. Elaina

      The client probably only paid $25.00 with 100 “edited” photos and will probably print them at Walgreens. Yet I’m too expensive.

    4. Katie

      That isn’t an over used engagement photo it’s an over used newborn photo shoot with the parents rings. Note that the wedding rings are involved, already married.

    5. This isn’t the most horrible image I’ve ever seen. It looks like they’re on the right track. If someone gave them constructive criticism instead of bashing on them, the results might be a little better.

      We all started somewhere, folks.

    6. What’s going on with the right foot there? It looks like the ring is halfway through its job of amputating that big toe…it’s even got ragged edges to make it look a bit more gruesome.

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