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    Banana Boy

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  • bananaboy

    Meet the amazing Banana Boy! He’s half man… half banana… and totally ridiculous…

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    1. Bernard Rent-a-Jag

      I don’t know whether I’m aroused, hungry, or just confused.

      I’m also considering the possibility that this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

    2. I hate Fauxtography

      This picture makes me happy. It’s craptastic fantastic and everything between. Banana boy , you made my day :)

    3. Somebody must really have a banana fetish! WOW

    4. Boy to photographer “I want to be in a picture that shows I have appeal.”

    5. This is fab! Why not, we have women posing as mermaids…so logically, men can be, um…bananas??!!! Hahaha!

    6. I used to like bananas. Thanks for ruining it for me. And thanks for the pic that just plain weirded me out. Dang that’s creepy.

    7. needs to be laying in a hammock

    8. The right arm looks like it belongs to someone entirely different. The left and right hands don’t match, do they?

    9. It’s so wrong for me to like this!

    10. DidYouEvenLookThroughTheViewFinder

      Peel me and stick me in yuor mouth.

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