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    Bad Baby Bump Collection

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  • Make sure you click through to see all the bad baby bump photos!

    100 dollar photos

    Seriously? $100 for those?!

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    1. #7 is pretty cool tough

      • The idea isn’t bad, but that hand holding the baby shoes just ruins the whole thing badly. It shouldn’t be there. It’s just wrong

      • No. No, it isn’t.


        There is something wrong with this baby bump… I know different people carry differently, but the way it goes in just undre the bump – its like a beer baby not a baby baby or (and this is probably more likely) they have done some bad photoshop on it and taken a chunk out. Either way, it bothers me.

        • I think she might have a hand under her belly.

    2. grodin tierce

      Is this a pregnant Marilyn Manson with a pink ribbon or what?

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