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Backwards Tree Hug

Horrible photo, better watermark it and throw it on Facebook!

  1. Wsroadrunner says:

    hooker glamor shots?


  2. JF says:

    Is that a tree or a light pole?!


  3. Richard says:

    Are you sure that’s a tree…looks like a light pole…I wonder if the photog added texture to it??? Hmmm…


    • Miki says:

      There is no tree with bark like that…but a fauxtog wouldn’t be able to add a texture like that lol…thus a lightpole XD


  4. NickE says:

    Aerobics in the park? I’m guessing it’s sweat on the lens making the image blurry?


  5. Me says:

    I guess there’s no armpit hair remover tool on picnik?


  6. Jeremy says:

    Gosh, can they Watch the f’n background!!!!


  7. Wes says:

    Good thing that put that watermark. This is something I want to steal!


  8. Wes says:

    Good thing they put that watermark, I want to steal this.


  9. Angela says:

    I know I’ll hear it for this, but did she shave?


  10. NicCole says:

    That’s a light pole, not a tree. Which makes it look worse. The pose is awful, even for that particular pose. And what did he do to her hand??


  11. Gordon says:

    “Yeah, we’ll just do it in front of the apartment, I’ve got this cool blur vignette (pronounced vig-netty) filter that will make it look cool and just like a professional!”


  12. Bo says:

    Good lord. If you are going to take pro pictures, PLEASE have the glass to be able to do so and the knowledge on how to do so. They needed a very shallow depth of field and then the subject would have been in proper focus and the foreground/background would have been soft without the harsh post processing.


  13. Kai says:

    My first thought was that it is her official craigslist “escort” photo.


  14. BurninBiomass says:

    Shes a (light) pole dance!


  15. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela) says:

    It’s like the lower half of her body is separated from the upper half by the watermark.

    Sidebar: I’m so glad I learned about the evils of blue eye shadow in the 80s.


  16. Karl says:

    I love how the black dress makes it look like it says “ho”tography. How very fitting.


  17. Lindsay says:

    The cars in the back really add a lot of romance to this shot.


  18. Brad says:

    Whats with the butt glow? Radioactive Farts?


  19. FalconGTHO says:

    Wurd up, yo.


  20. Is the section through her middle smeared in photoshop, or what is that?


  21. LIPhotoguy says:

    Perhaps you did not see the bridge photo below?


  22. Miss Obnoxious says:

    Is that hair, or a tattoo under her armpit??!


  23. Cranky Catholic says:

    Actually there’s nothing terribly wrong with this photo. It’s a vacation photo from the Secret Service.


  24. Dave says:

    vignetting and selective Gaussian blur in PS can’t save a bad background… and when you don’t keep the subject in focus – it just looks worse.

    Then you add in the unflattering pose – unless this is a sample for the ad I saw on CL the other day (Escort photographer – Perfect for backpages (Seriously – that was in Craigslist)). There is no way this should be shown to anyone.


  25. roger says:

    I like the subtle racism in this thread… there’s tons of terrible shots of white women trying to look sexy and I don’t think any of them have been accused of prostitution or been called a ho…or “wurd up yo”


    • LIPhotoguy says:

      There should be a new site opening up called: – Because no matter how far you stuff your head up your a$$, you’ll never be one.

      The very notion that that is racist is so far off base and retarded I would think Rain Man would laugh at you – MORON.


      • roger says:

        Here’s an idea, LIPhotoguy, fuck you. How’s that, you fucking dipshit. I’m not calling you a racist or saying the photo is racist. A photo of a black woman shows up on the site and there’s a shit ton of “ho” comments. If you don’t see the inherent racism in that, then you are a fucking idiot. So far off base? I don’t think so.
        Nice Rain Man reference, though, grandma.


      • LIPhotoguy says:

        To think, I would have expected a little more grown up of a reply. Just shows those who like to cry foul can’t put on their big boy pants and talk like an adult.

        I don’t see anything racist in the word ho, compound that with the fact that a ho, in not a singular term to define a black woman. Perhaps her brothers may refer to her as such, but the same sexist jerks would call any woman a ho.

        Perhaps thinking like a grown adult makes me an idiot… doubtful – but always possible I guess.

        Grow up and learn what a ho really is, I did. Last time I looked it had nothing to do with any particular race. Ho is a lazy tongue trying to use the term WHORE, go look it up.

        I’ll do the main work for you – just click the link:

        Where does it define anything at all that is racist? Oh, no-where…


    • Melissa R. says:

      We don’t know (or care) what ethnicity the photographer is. That’s who is responsible for the posing. I highly doubt the subject said, “Maybe I should put my arms up like this.” It’s just not something a subject would naturally do. Try to lighten up. EVERYONE gets picked on on this site. I agree, that in general comments about the subjects are uncalled for. In this case we’re dissing on the pose.


    • karen says:

      They got the ho-tography because the P is hidden. It had nothing to do with race. That’s like saying if I hate rainbows, I must be insulting gay people. No one mentioned any racism until you said something so you might want to take a look at who is the racist here. Against white people much. Oh and btw, I am not white. I am Native American but no one gives a shit about us.


  26. Sarah says:

    Ah yes, excessive blurring that bleeds on to your model ALWAYS compensates for terrible backgrounds. Why do people do this to models? I wish models were more aware of these things. There needs to be a guide “How to know the photographer you’re working with is a total putz.”


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