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    Baby Spit

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  • Close ups of blurry baby spit just aren’t cute.

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    1. just . . . well . . . . .I . . . . .no, it’s no good I just can’t say anything: positive comments are impossible, negative comments are pointless

    2. Wow, that’s kinda gross

    3. well at least it’s blurry

    4. Awesome glow effect.

    5. OMG… radioactive rabid baby photo… and it’s wearing a Steve Jobs turtleneck!

    6. I . Don’t. Get. It. I have said it before and I will say it a thousand times. I’ve been in photography for a year, I haven’t done much work wise.. but, even I know that this is ridiculous. It proves that you just have the eye for it, or you don’t.

    7. Wsroadrunner

      Well, we now know what baby thought of the fauxtographer

    8. Baby offering it’s opinion on the photographer, photographer trying to make it art. I love jaundice babies…NOT! – This photo has no redeeming qualities at all…

    9. I’m not even a photographer, I’m a radio talk show host, and EVEN I know that is bad bad bad photography. This sort of thing is why I refuse to take money from people for taking photos.

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