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    Baby Bump Boudoir

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  • maternity boudoir

    Shortly after this photo was taken, she gave birth right there!

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    1. Toaster

      That line that pregnant women get that runs up their bellybutton like a ‘snail trail’ is one of the grossest things ever. Any decent photographer would edit it out.

    2. Plonker

      I have very mixed feelings about combining sexual alure and late-stage pregnancy. But imho, the photographer and subject succeeded pretty well, if that was their goal.

    3. I’d say she is mid, not late gestation. Regardless, poor composition, but considering what the client wanted, perhaps spot on.

    4. 1grumpycat

      Whats with her legs? it looks like they should be going through the floor. On a better second look it looks as if everything below the knee melted into a small pool of chocolate. Looks like a bad clip and insert attempt. I’ve no problem if a pregnant woman wants to feel and “own” her sexy (I think more should); however, this composition has more of a “this is how & why I am like this” vibe to it.

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