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    Arm Edit Boudoir

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  • arm tuck

    Real subtle edits in this one… Those are some sexy jagged arms!

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    1. You can hardly tell they butchered it all to heck.

    2. I can’t believe this faux isn’t giving photoshop classes. Hah.

    3. Looks like that magic-eraser tool isn’t magic enough.

      Shouldda used flood-fill….at 103%.

    4. I was about to steal this one, but that watermark prevented me from doing so. It’s such an amazing photo and outstanding editing – the ‘tog might want to put two or three watermarks on it, just in case!

    5. I was trying to figure out if this was maybe some really bad chroma key…because it looks to me like the ‘tog tried to ramp up the color-select parameters far enough to get rid of that touch of green at the top of her undergarment but ended up taking out the parts of her arm affected by the improperly lit green backdrop.

      It ‘might’ be a plausible theory…except I can’t imagine somebody investing in the time and materials to set up a chroma key shot without having figured out how to use the desaturate tool correctly..or any other tool for that matter.

    6. Mrs Beeble Bop

      this is the perfect image to butcher and submit on your competitors’ behalves. No photographer or image editor would ever put their name to this hatchet job.

    7. Grackle

      That poor woman.

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