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    An Unfortunate Pentax Ad

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  • What were they thinking?

    Follow the link for the ad.

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    1. hooooly crap … that can’t be real …

      did you see what I did there?

    2. They were thinking with their arses!

    3. Holy poo-poo batman, now that camera is da shit!!

    4. Michelle

      that idea came straight out of the shitter

    5. Wsroadrunner

      Well, I guess they’re trying to tell us that their cameras are crap and that they are tasteless.

    6. BurninBiomass

      Pentax fails at its first attempt at a colonoscopy camera… the test patent is resting uncomfortably in a New York area hospital.

    7. Old news – the ad agency was trying for mud / dirt and it ended up looking like – well, you know…

      If I were Pentax – I’d be looking for an ad agency or stylist that can actually get dirt to look like dirt.

    8. Pentax: Our products (may) stand up against snow, sleet, wind, and shitstorm.

      You have to be a special kind of brand to mess up smearing something in mud.

    9. The latest add looks a lot better, it actually looks like dirt instead of crap

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