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A Little Something Extra

a little something extra

What’s that between her legs? A tail perhaps? Or is she actually a he??

  1. nine says:

    whatever you are doing, you’re doing it wrong.


  2. Mar says:

    Is it weird that I clicked on this link because it said what’s between her legs? LOL


  3. Mike says:

    She has that “This is not going to end well” look on her face.
    When your photographer has you enter a dingy room covered in grime with a musty old chair for your posing delight, followed by the proposal to cover yourself in body paint/a body suit; I think it is a good enough reason NOT to continue. Get the heck outta there, and fast!


  4. Nightrose Nightrose says:

    It’s a shame because the body paint design is pretty cool, but the way it has been photographed is a complete disaster. Unflattering angles, weirdly arranged furniture, and a floor covered in what looks like blood spatter from one of the photographer’s earlier victims. Someone call Dexter!


  5. MDS says:

    I really thought she was missing feet at first.


  6. Commenter says:

    I fail to see what it is you think is extra between her legs. She is totally nude and the lighter area is just her butt, which has less makeup on – probably due to it being rubbed off by moving around.

    Like Nightrose said though – The bodypaint is great. It is a shame that the photographer sucks at posing the model.


    • Jason H says:

      I agree but we need to see the whole shoot.. the photographer could have just been trying something different


  7. seijaku says:

    it’s her own butt, photographers. less theory and more human body.


  8. anon says:

    that captioning is transphobic as heck


  9. Daniea Daniea says:

    I like the body paint, but the way its….wow just wrong. I would have put the model with a complete black background and not posed the model on furniture,,,


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