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    July 2013 Page 1 of 2

    fur belly

    Fur Baby

    Her hairy baby was trying to escape so they tied it in with that pretty yellow bow.

    vampire in the sun

    Vampire In The Sunshine

    Quick, someone cover her with a blanket before she disintegrates!

    log baby

    Log Baby

    Poor baby lost his foot living in the wild… Or maybe it was just a really bad editing job.

    junk in trunk

    Junk In The Trunk

    Check out the junk in that trunk!



    Are those blurry shot glasses around her neck? Because that would be appropriate.


    Big Purple Tail

    This is so realistic, I now believe in mermaids.

    belly dancer

    It’s A Genie

    Obviously her clothing and bracelets are the source of her genie power! They’re glowing!

    creepy wedding

    Plastic Ghost Bride

    Got to hate those photo-bombing plastic ghost brides!


    Boomsket Ball

    No big deal, just a little game of Boomsket Ball… If you miss a basket, you explode!