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    June 2013 Page 1 of 2


    Back Alley Baby Head

    You can ask him for courage, but he’s just going to tell you that you’ve had it all along… And ask you to change his diaper…


    Case of the Dizzies

    Oh no, did Lucille 2 get another case of the dizzies? Damn that vertigo…

    motor boat


    “Oh wow, how artistic and flattering!” …said no one…

    serious cat face

    Serious Cat Business

    Curious about her grumpy expression? You’ll understand if you ever try to tie a tie while holding a cat!

    wine glass of crap

    Cup of Crap

    “Turned out cute!!!!” … Maybe the Fauxtog had emptied a few glasses herself before making that judgement!


    Unclassy Class Photo

    Dear Fauxtog, way to make everyone feel included… you’re fired!


    Ginger Squeeze

    Whose your daddy?… Happy Father’s Day from YANAP!


    Baby Bump Trip

    This is the perfect baby bump photo… for someone one on acid…

    easter is scary

    Lets Ban Man-Bunnies!

    Lets face it, bunnies are cute because they are small, fluffy and they hop around. You make one man-sized, with it’s huge teeth and dead staring eyes, then…