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    May 2013 Page 1 of 2

    i did this

    He Did That

    At least he’s taking responsibility for it…?


    Medusa & The Demon Dog

    Medusa and demon dog, just chillin’ out in the ivy…



    Bet she’s climbing into the back of that truck to go hire a new photographer…


    The Opposite Of Classy

    You forgot the water and you forgot to remove a layer. Bath time really isn’t that hard, maybe if you hadn’t consumed so much vodka, you’d have an…


    Can You Spot It?

    Oh how pretty… wait a sec whose arm is that!?

    dolphins and polarbears

    Aurora Boreanus

    Shouldn’t they be looking at a Coke bottle?

    white tiger

    That’s Just Grrrrreat

    This image brings to mind many questions, like why is she squatting in front of an outhouse!?


    Frightened Boudoir

    Frightened… Just the look you want for a boudoir shoot!



    He died of lung cancer…