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    February 2013 Page 1 of 2

    hanging in the forest

    Hanging In The Forest

    Did baby step in a trap?

    baby belly

    There’s a Baby On You

    Photoshopping a baby into baby bump photos is just never a good idea… Especially when you do it this poorly!

    so sweet

    So Sweet…

    They are going to love this photo when they get older…

    oh my

    Don’t Let It Out!

    Aw, look at that little bundle of terror. Are those claws?

    beautiful eyes

    Such Pretty Eyes…

    Making your subject look like their eyes are drawn on with magic marker is always a nice touch!

    unhappy baby

    Fauxtogs Make Kids Cry…

    Your images aren’t the only things that suffer when you hire a fauxtographer! Click through to see our first Unhappy Kids Collection!


    Ghostly Greeting Card

    Unless the effect the fauxtog was going for was a ghostly greeting card, we think they failed…


    Color Finger

    Nothing screams Fauxtog quite like poorly executed selective coloring!


    Fairy Beautiful

    Wow! You girls are fairy beautiful!