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  • January 2013 Page 1 of 5

    horse acrobatics

    Horsey Acrobatics

    Well this looks real! Real RIDICULOUS! Seriously she’s bigger than the poor horse she’s supposed to be standing on.


    Blurry Baby Hat Bum

    Obviously if your subject is not in focus, you should show it in your online portfolio anyways!

    green umbrella

    Little Green Umbrella

    We realize it’s not overly offensive, edited to a ridiculous degree or of something crazy, but it’s still just so bad. The underarm shadows, stained carpet, horrible facial…

    ghost child

    Ghost Child

    Wouldn’t this look wonderful hanging over a fireplace? …. In a haunted house…

    playing in the waves

    Playing In The Waves

    …. At least she appears to be enjoying herself? However we’re pretty sure the Fauxtog could not have taken a more unflattering photo!