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    December 2012

    merry xmas fauxtog

    The Night Before Christmas, Fauxtog Style

    A quick look back at some of our favorite images of 2012 and our version of The Night Before Christmas. Make sure you check out all 6 pages!…

    recycle face

    Face Recycling

    We thought of photoshopping her face somewhere silly to post alongside the originals, but then we realized that the originals are ridiculous enough all on their own…

    rainbow circle

    Big Baby Shoes

      It appears this baby has some rather large shoes to fill! Also, sweet rainbow effect!

    the magical violin

    The Magical Violin

    This is no ordinary instrument! It glows like this when Orcs are near!

    Bum Shot

    Moon Shine

    Who knew just one butt could have so much shine!

    dear santa

    Naughty Or Nice Mug Shot

    Kinda funny idea, horrible execution!


    What An Eye…

    So gifted!? What an eye!? This image is so bad you can barely even make out her eyes! Friends of Fauxtogs are almost as bad as the Fauxtogs…