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    November 2012 Page 1 of 2

    creepy bump

    A Demon and His Mommy

    Oh Fauxtogs, always managing to turn innocent children and happy memories into creepy demons and disturbing images!

    you better be interesting

    There Is Nothin Worse…

    There is nothin’ worse than a bored fauxtographer, so as the client you better show up ready to entertain! And don’t you be expecting any decent photos neither!

    blur head baby

    Blur Head Baby

    It appears the fauxtog got a tiny patch of grass kind of in focus, but that was it…

    creepy finger

    Finger or Toe?

    We’re not sure if that’s a tiny finger or a toe, but either way, it’s kinda creepy that it’s hiding out in that luffa!


    Just A Sample

    Crazy cropping, selective coloring, baby feet emerging from nothing… A perfect sample of what not to do!



    Hm, it’s too bad that you can’t spell or take good photos!

    ewww face

    What Is This Creature?

    Aw, a puppy! Wait, it’s a puppy right? Do we win a prize if we get it correct?

    you look beautiful

    Blue Eyed Beauty

    It needs more edits!! We can still kind of tell this was once a real person.

    flower baby

    Little Flower Baby

    This is pretty creepy… It looks like the baby is wearing a red diaper and has some freaky leg thing going on!