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    September 2012 Page 1 of 3

    headless baby

    Witness Protection Baby

    Always a great baby picture when you can’t even see the head!


    Planet Boobies

    No words…

    dead kid

    Little Zombie Girl

    Fauxtography… Zombifying your children since the dawn of photo editing software…

    bride and pentagram

    Wedding Bells & Pentagrams

    A grungy door, a pentagram and an awesome arching shadow definitely should be included in all wedding photos!

    choke hold

    Choke Hold

    We wanted to put up the next photo in this series that shows the infant being body slammed, but we thought that might be too much for our…

    baby blue

    Baby Blue

    Obviously, he’s got swagger.

    creepy girlfriend

    She’s Reading Your Texts!

    If the fauxtog was trying to make her look like the Overly Attached Girlfriend (link), then bravo! Somehow I doubt that’s what they were going for however… I’m…

    pink jeep

    Pink Bronco

    I don’t think you put their heads on right. Either that or it’s just so poorly edited that it appears that way.


    I Mustache You A Question

    Is this hilarious because it’s Fauxtography or just because it’s hilarious?