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    June 2012 Page 1 of 4

    now thats flattering

    Nice Photo Effect

    It’s nice how in this one the fauxtog made the subject almost unrecognizable with their crazy editing techniques. Nothing worse than a photo that actually captures and highlights…

    dump truck baby

    Dump Truck Baby

    That looks mighty uncomfortable…

    giant jelly beans

    What The Egg?

    I think I’ve figured out what the red blobs are, those plastic Easter eggs, but as to why they are floating around in this image with that baby…

    foot people

    Foot People

    Amazing and classy! I’d like to know are they Photoshopped into that small woman’s foot? Or the fauxtog’s?

    smudgey wedding

    The Big Over-Edited Day

    Can you imagine getting your wedding photos back and having them look like this train wreck?!

    invisible bunny ears

    The Amazing Invisible Bunny Ears

    Hard to believe this is a professionally taken Easter photo. Awesome that they were sure to make the bunny ears almost completely camouflaged against that stark white background.

    saturation garden

    The Garden of Saturation

    Better wear your sunglasses if you’re planning on spending a day here. Also it appears to be radioactive, so a protective suit of some kind might not be…


    Awkward Much?

    A demonstration of one way for a woman to urinate in the woods! Only one foot will get wet!


    Gator Ride

    That baby is riding the color right out of that gator! Seriously though, why why why!?